Daphne Summerhayes, ‘on the shelf’ at 24, considers herself dutiful and accommodating—until she must miss a trip to Italy in order to chaperone her flighty cousin’s come-out in London. Bitterly disappointed, she storms from the house and into a near-disastrous meeting with Lord Courtlea, whom she quickly labels an odious, self-serving, libertine. soon, thanks to her feckless, younger brother and a missing family jewel, she brands the proud lord a thief. One disaster leads to another, as Daphne determines to set matters right at any cost. Courtlea, his life coldly and carefully planned, thinks Daphne too headstrong and opinionated, but lovely enough to warm his bed. He decides to win her. When the two are together, sparks fly, yet they deny the growing attraction they feel. Gradually they are forced to examine their own hearts and desires. At last Daphne’s forwardness puts her completely in Courtlea’s power. Will he betray her? Will scandal ruin her reputation and shame her family? Yet, what Daphne recklessly proposes goes beyond scandal…

Paris. Peace after Napoleon’s wars. Suddenly, to save his friend’s life, Richard Handley, Viscount Compton, is plunged into the dangerous intrigues of espionage. Wounded by his arch-enemy de Clavelle, he is at first suspicious of his rescuer, Mademoiselle Fleur Bènét de Montigny. Is she, too, a spy? Richard soon discovers the indomitable miss has her own plans for him, and will use any device to get her way.
Fleur, orphaned, destitute, and of mysterious parentage, faces ruin and a forced marriage. Her hopes lie in England, but dare she trust this handsome stranger, an enemy of her people? And will her heart betray her?
Unsuspected dangers wait in England, threatening not only their burgeoning love, but their very lives.

Severely wounded, his valiant army career ended, Capt. Daragh Blackstone returns home to begin a new life with his lovely betrothed, Helen. He is also determined to resolve his suspicions of his father's untimely demise. Although exhausted and in pain, he refuses the help of Cilla Coulter, a doctor's daughter who is supervising the care of Daragh's flighty and temperamental mother. He dismisses Cilla as a prying, ineffectual lady's companion. She considers Captain Blackstone as too proud and stubborn for his own good, and who uses his considerable charm to get his own way. For reasons of her own, she feels bound by duty to save him from infection and death. When Daragh discovers the cause of her dedication, his distrust turns to respect--and something more.
But what of Helen and his given word, which has never been broken?
At Shawnton Abbey, Cilla is caught between duty, an offer of the secure love she craves, and her own heart.
Shawnton Abbey holds many secrets. Has murder been done? If so, will the murderer strike again, and who will be the next victim?


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Dangerous Deceptions
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